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Scott Simonetti, DDS

Cosmetic Dental Office 11717

Dr. Scott Simonetti was born in West Virginia while his father was attending West Virginia University School of Dentistry in 1973. He grew up in Great River, New York and attended East Islip High School. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University and then attended the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine where he earned his D.D.S. degree in 2001.

Dr. Scott immediately joined the Simonetti & Domozych DDS practice in 2001 and has been proudly serving the community since. Dr. Scott is so passionate about his community and the health of us all as a society that it led him to discover a common health issue amongst our population, which he believes to be greatly affecting the health of people. The major issue he found in common to the vast majority of people with health concerns is a lack of high quality sleep. This led him to design and develop a US and International patent and FDA cleared oral orthotic device to help treat this issue amongst many other issues, The device has come to be known as the POD®. Dr. Scott has also had a total of four other patents under his name that are planned to help his community in the near future. Dr. Scott has lectured at multiple continuing education programs and has appeared on national radio programs and blogs, discussing nitric oxide, mitochondria, intermittent hypoxia, disordered breathing and TMJ dysfunction. He has presented research to the Department of Defense at Ft Detrick, Maryland and at the Military System Health Research Symposium in Kissimmee, Florida.

While not treating patients, or reviewing research articles on PubMed, Dr. Scott enjoys spending time with his four young girls and his wife Leah.

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