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Dietary Counseling

Good health and wellness depends upon eating a nutritious and well balanced diet. It is important to keep in mind, that poor nutrition affects every aspect of your well being, including your oral health. In addition to establishing a good at home oral hygiene routine and seeing your dentist for routine care, your approach to eating can make all the difference between a healthy vs. an unhealthy smile.

While some foods and drinks can be harmful to your oral health, other foods that are rich in nutrients can help to keep your teeth and gums strong, thereby boosting your resistance to dental disease.

As everyone knows, foods and drinks that are high in sugar are bad for your teeth.  Frequent consumption of sweet food and beverages increases your risk for developing tooth decay.  This is because harmful bacteria metabolize the sugars in food to produce acids that can erode your teeth to cause cavities. Along the same lines, acidic foods and drinks can also cause damage to your teeth.

Foods that are especially good for your dental health are ones high in the minerals calcium and phosphorous as well as foods rich in vitamins D and C. Furthermore, crunchy fruits and vegetables that are high in water produce more saliva and allow for better cleansing of the teeth. Of course, it’ s always a good idea to drink lots of water.

Other components of foods can also help to combat dental plaque and the bacteria it harbors, reducing their effects on your oral health. Foods that are rich in antioxidants are valuable in defending against the bacteria that cause inflammation and gum disease. Probiotics may help to decrease the accumulation of dental plaque to support healthy gums. In addition, other dietary elements such as anthocyanins, arginine, and polyphenols may benefit oral health because of their potential to disrupt the formation and prevent the attachment of dental plaque, as well as slow bacterial growth to prevent dental disease.  

Our office provides detailed nutritional guidance to help you make wise food choices to support your dental health and overall well being.

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